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ABOUT US at the Athletic Room

Serving Patients since 2016

What is the Athletic Room?


The Athletic Room is a place for both non-athletes and athletes to receive cutting edge therapies and protocols to recover sore muscles and fix body pain. All of the Athletic Room’s services are provided under one roof for a proactive approach to a healthier, better functioning body. Our team of Experts will work with you and your goals to get back moving better or back in the game, whether it is an athletic arena or the arena of life. Join us and our awesome community as we can guide you through the process of selecting the therapies best suited for your needs to lead a more vibrant lifestyle and continuing the activities you enjoy.

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  • Chiropractic Care

  • Assisted Stretching

  • Deep Tissue Massage 

  • Therapeutic Exercises

  • Movement Analysis

  • & More to help reduce pain, swelling, and restore lost function and range of motion

Why Do Non-Athletes and Athletes Both Benefit from the Athletic Room?


The lack of movement in our modern lifestyle wreaks just as much havoc on our bodies that Professional Athletes experience competing at the highest level. People find themselves not always knowing what to do about it and usually choose one of three things:

1) Ignore the pain and hope it goes away

2) Try something like massage or yoga and hope it goes away

3) See a doctor and look at possible treatment options such as drugs or surgery to make the pain go away but there are other options

At the Athletic Room, we use One-on-One Care with our doctor and expert therapists who understand approaches to treat musculoskeletal and joint pain. The experts in the Athletic Room will develop a Personalized Plan to move you along a path to feeling and moving better. We will provide you with and coach you with a body maintenance plan that will work faster to address the root cause of your injury and pain. The sooner you address your problem, the more solutions will be available to help you recover and avoid additional long-term problems. This plan includes at-home and in-clinic therapeutic exercises and a discussion of the recommended length of your treatment care.

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Why was the Athletic Room Created?

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes seem to recover faster from body injury and pain? The professional athletes have access to cutting edge therapies provided by professionals with expertise in areas of body recovery. 


Kailee Wong, the owner and founder of The Athletic Room, learned the value of elite recovery therapies when he was a football player for four years at Stanford University and an NFL player for nine years. After retiring from the NFL and moving into corporate America, Kailee realized the less active lifestyle was creating physical issues on his body that began limiting him from doing the things he loved most, staying active with his kids. Kailee realized that everyone, athlete and non-athlete, deserves to have access to cutting edge therapies performed by experts in the field. The solution was born in 2016: The Athletic Room!


What are Core Values and Beliefs of the Athletic Room?

  • Your body is designed for movement. 

  • Everyone’s bodies can work more efficiently and heal more quickly with effective treatment.

  • People of all ages deserve access to the best treatments available to elite athletes.

  • We can all be a part of creating the healthiest community in Houston!


We Are Looking Forward to Working with You!

the Athletic Room is centrally located in Houston at 4900 Bissonnet Street, Suite 200 in Bellaire, Texas (South of the Galleria area just outside of 610 Loop).

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