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What is Stretch & Mobility

We have all heard the importance of stretching to maintain the proper function of the body.  For all of us, movements such as touching your toes, bending backwards, or squatting were at one time easy and playful.  The stress of our modern lifestyle, age, or injury, has changed our body’s original design and the ability to be flexible has been lost. 

Now more than ever before, maintaining flexibility and mobility is not only a basic necessity but should be everyone's top priority.  An active an pain free body that is absent of limitations is not a luxury item but a basic need within everyone's reach. 

What Coach led in PE class is an antiquated form of static stretching that has been proven to be ineffective.  Here at the Athletic Room we specialize in a flexibility session that is dynamic and guided by one of our Certified Stretch-Mobility experts.  Instead of fighting your body into painful and awkward positions, experience stretching through movement and connect with a body that feels more youthful with benefits that reach far beyond your 30 or 60-minute session.

Why Stretch & Mobility

Consistent Stretching is critical to keep muscles flexible, strong, and healthy because we all need flexibility to maintain proper range of motion in the joints.  Without consistent stretching, muscles will shorten and become tight as your body begins compensating putting you at a greater risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.   

Stretching is not something that should just be done by athletes getting ready to workout or competition; in fact, it should be done by everyone in order to improve balance, mobility, and promote circulation.  

Our ultimate goal is we help you love Stretching and help create a habit of stretching "a little" everyday, even when you are not coming in for a session at the Athletic Room.  

As a part of one of our session, our Expert Stretch & Mobility Therapist will recommend 1 to 2 stretches that you can do (everyday) as part of your at home care.  

Assisted Stretching_edited.jpg
Assisted Stretching_edited.jpg

Benefits of Stretch & Mobility

  • Improved Range of Motion & Flexibility

  • Decreased Soreness, Pain, & Muscle Stiffness helping you Recover Faster

  • A Body that Feels & Moves Better

  • Increased Performance & Reduced Risk of Injury

  • Improved Posture

  • Improved Balance & Coordination

  • Promotes Better Circulation

  • A More Youthful Body

Additional Treatments Available

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