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Back Restoration

What is Back Restoration

Our Back Restoration Program is: safe, gentle, and effective for those who suffer from Chronic Back Pain.  Restore lost range of motion, reduce pain, and get back to the activities you enjoy with our powerful neurological-based back restoration program at the Athletic Room in Bellaire.


Your initial appointment will include:

  • Back History Consultation

  • 6 Point Back Exam and Testing

  • One Clinically Supported Treatment

  • Personalized Plan for Your Back Restoration

Why Take Action Now?

  • If you’re still wondering if now is the time to get serious about taking care of your back, what is the cost if you do nothing? 

  • Additional injuries due to compensation patterns, deteriorating balance, or reduced Quality of Life.

  • Constantly having to wonder if your Back will "hold up." 

  • Expensive doctors office visits or WORSE, surgery! 

  • Invest in yourself now to save yourself the pain and cost of waiting any longer.

If you are looking for a sign to take the first step towards real recovery, THIS IS IT. 

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