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Chiropratic Care

What is Chiropractic Care

Consistently dealing with Pain takes a toll on your body, both physically and mentally.  It is no fun, and not only does it hinder you from enjoying the things that matter to you but it also takes away from a great quality of life.  

Here at the Athletic Room, Dr. David Escalante D.C. uses a 3 Step approach to getting you on a path out of pain by developing a personalized plan to have you get back better.

Step 1 - diagnose the underlying reason for your pain (or injury) and eliminate the pain fast.

Step 2 -  address the "root cause" as to why the pain started in the first place with a personalized plan of therapeutic exercises, stretching, tissue work.

Step 3 - recommendations to make sure now that the problem is gone the important steps needed to it doesn't come back.  (proactive)      

Why Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care at the Athletic Room is much more than just an Adjustment.  If you have aches, pain, or strains Dr. David Escalante D.C. has a number of different tools at his disposal to help relieve the pain.  Chiropractic Care is complimentary to traditional medical care and uses a "holistic" approach to addressing the problem without the need for surgery, injections, or prescription medication.

Our Chiropractic Team here at the Athletic Room has the ability to combine therapies during a visit for a more complete treatment experience.  Some of the treatments that would accompany a typical session would be: soft-tissue therapy, adjustments, stretching, decompression, shockwave therapy, PEMF therapy, therapeutic exercise, & more.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  • Affordable treatment for Chronic Pain (Back, Neck, Knee, Foot)

  • Lower the need for Pain Relievers

  • Increased Performance & Reduced Risk of Injury

  • Improved Posture

  • Eliminating Scar Tissue & Connective Tissue Dysfunction

  • Reduced muscle tension

  • Greater Movement & Range of Motion

Additional Chiropractic Treatments

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