Impact Cryotherapy Chamber

Why Cryo?

There’s a reason why so many professional athletes, celebrities, models, and high performers have made the jump from the traditional ice bath to Whole Body Cryotherapy. The same cold benefits can be accomplished faster and more efficiently in as little as 3 minutes! Gone are the days of bathing suits, towels, bags of ice, and spending 15-20 minutes suffering in freezing water. Our Cryotherapy chamber provides you with the convenience to get your recovery and continue with your day.

Allow us to simplify the science: During Cryotherapy, nitrogen vapor passes over your skin stimulating the cold sensors which trigger a number of processes to warm the body (i.e. Thermogenesis). Some of the many benefits of Thermogenesis include: tweaks to insulin production, tightening of the circulatory system, heightened mental awareness, increased metabolism, increased production of testosterone and growth hormone. All of these positive effects on the body result in benefits that can be felt in reduced soreness, leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energized.

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