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Deep-Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is an incredibly popular form of massage here at the Athletic Room that targets areas of tension or tightness by applying pressure to both the top layers and sub-layers of the muscles, fascia, and connective tissue.  This form of massage is great to treat chronic aches and pains and works well with other forms of treatment for a more complete treatment.


When combined with Chiropractic Care or Assisted Stretching a deep tissue massage will help address joint restrictions, knots, and adhesions that often form in muscle and fascia.  Our Licensed Massage therapists here at the Athletic Room will apply the appropriate amount of pressure to help expedite your recovery to Recover Sore Muscles & Fix Body Pain.   

Why Deep Tissue Massage

It's no secret that our modern lifestyle can wreak havoc on our bodies even if you have enough time (which few people do) and are committed to a well designed "body maintenance routine."  Inevitably, whether you are a Competitive Athlete, Corporate Champion, or spend a majority of your day in a car dropping off or picking up, tight muscles will present themselves.  A deep tissue massage is a solution!

Our Team of Licensed Massage Therapists can utilize a variety of techniques including: deep tissue massage, myofascial releases, scraping, trigger point therapy, cupping and sports massage for quicker recovery.

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Rejuvenated body with less muscle tension

  • Better Workouts or Competition

  • Better Sleep for Faster Recovery

  • Increased Performance & Reduced Risk of Injury

  • Improved Overall Health

  • Decreased Muscle Spasms 

  • Greater Movement & Range of Motion

Additional Massage Treatments

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