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FMS Movement Screening

What is a FMS Movement Screening

Our proprietary Movement and Mobility Screening will analyze your body to determine what compensation patterns you have, and how to unlock them to perform your best!  During the session you will be taught a system where you can get your body ready for optimal performance before your next game, your round of golf, or your next run.  Leave our proprietary Movement and Mobility Screening understanding exactly how your body moves and armed with a system (called “Wake Up Drills”) that makes an immediate change with measurable results.  


If you are ready to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury as you take your Game to the next level, then a Movement Screening is designed for you.  

Why Movement Screening

All great Athletes have learned compensation patterns based on old ways of thinking, that limit recovery & increase risk of injury.  As our Athletes learn this system they have control to identify and intervene to unlock dangerous compensation patterns with a routine for their Daily Self Care.  This system of Activation is not new but is not talked about much because it is has been kept secret as a Competitive Advantage for Professional Athletes before they take the field, court, or course.  

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Functional Movement Screening_edited.jpg

Benefits of Movement Screening

  • Understand how YOUR Body Moves

  • Develop a Plan to correct Movement Dysfunction with a Board Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Strengthen Weak Muscles & Lengthen Tight Muscles

  • Move Better whether that is on the field, court, or in everyday life

  • Improve Balance, Strength, and Reduce Risk of Injury due to a Body that is out of "whack."

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