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What is GameReady

Gone are the days of melted ice packs, uncomfortable heating pads, and
compression sleeves that just don’t get the job done. At The Athletic Room, we want to make it easier for our clients to get the recovery that they need.  With clinically proven treatment options for diverse injuries, post-surgery recovery, and different stages of rehabilitation, our Med4 Elite uses iceless cold therapy combined with controllable heat and active compression to deliver a pain relief experience like never before.


Loved by all of our patients at the Athletic Room, our Med4 Elite is designed to help people get back to moving and feeling their best. Perfect for sore legs, a sore back, or a sore neck, our GameReady therapy is specifically designed to get your body back into game-ready shape.

Why GameReady

Everyone enjoys the feeling of heat, whereas most people's initial response to cold is to say "take this
off of me." However, the evidence is pretty clear that heat and cold contrast is far better than just heat alone.


Vasodilation followed by Vasoconstriction working together
over a 20 minute session alters blood flow limiting inflammation and minimizes swelling.

The GameReady is used to treat a diverse number of injuries as well as act as post-surgical rehabilitation to reduce swelling and pain in the related area.


Benefits of GameReady

  • Hot and Cold Contrast Therapy without the "mess"

  • Reduced pain, inflammation, and joint discomfort

  • Balance the immune system

  • Improved circulation through Vasodilation followed by Vasoconstriction

  • Quick and Effective - just sit back and relax while our Athlete Advisors set up your 20 minute session

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