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What is HivaMat 2.0

HivaMat is an incredible recovery tool and therapeutic treatment that aids in muscle relaxation, increased circulation, and pain reduction as it assists the body to naturally guide fluids and toxins out of affected areas to promote relief and healing.

HivaMat therapy was originally developed and is FDA Approved for more severe conditions, such as chronic lymphedema.  Professional Athletes immediately saw this technology and recognized the HivaMat as an incredible recovery tool, due to the simple fact that “swelling is swelling and must be controlled to reduce pain and aid the healing process.”

HivaMat can be found in all Pro Athletic Training Rooms but is also available for you at the Athletic Room.

Why the HivaMat 2.0

Modeled after how Professional Athletes receive treatment in a Pro Athletic Training Room, this program uses multiple treatments and therapies in 14 days.  Included in this program is:

  • Initial Exam, Medical Diagnosis, & Treatment

  • Elite / VIP Chiropractic Appointment

  • Assisted Stretching

  • Massage (tissue work) with PEMF Therapy

  • GameReady & Compression

  • Shockwave

  • Sports Rehab | Therapeutic Exercises

  • Personalized at Home Exercises

HivaMat Therapy_edited.jpg
HivaMat Therapy_edited.jpg

Benefits of HivaMat 2.0

  • Flushing out Fluids and Toxins from the Area for Faster Healing.

  • Reduction in Swelling 

  • Less Soreness

  • Relaxation of the Muscles that surround the Area or Joint

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