Deep Oscillation Therapy

Why Hivamat?

HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation Therapy is a unique therapeutic treatment found in Elite Athletic Training Rooms. The HIVAMAT is an FDA-approved device for muscle relaxation, increasing circulation, and reducing pain.

How Does it Work?

HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation occurs within the soft tissues as a result of intermittent electrostatic fields and friction. As the hand/applicator is moved, resonant vibrations are created up to 8 centimeters deep into the tissues of the patient. A typical treatment is roughly 20 minutes in duration and smoothly transition between 3 phases.

The Three Phases of Treatment

1. Breaking Down Waste – High frequency oscillations work to break up accumulated solids in the interstitium, such as proteins, lymphocytes, and other waste deposits so that they can be moved through the lymphatic system more easily.

2. Muscle Relaxation – Moderate frequency relax the surrounding tissue and now with less restriction, the lymphatic pathways are opened up to support waste displacement.

3. Move the Fluid and Soreness out of the Area – Low frequency oscillations create a synthetic peristalsis, used in conjunction with a homogeneous progression toward the nearest lymph node to evacuate the accumulations from the area.

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