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Knee Restoration

Knee Restoration Program

“The Greatest Wealth is Your Health” and your knees are critical to keep you healthy & moving. Only you can determine how long you are willing to live with achy knees and what you are willing to give up; but, we want you to know it doesn’t have to be this way.  Our goal is to get you back and moving without surgery or medications.  

We understand your frustration. Struggling with limited mobility and less knee function is exhausting. Here at the Athletic Room, our goal is to get you back to doing what you love with the people you love. Our approach to reducing knee pain and soreness has improved +100’s of lives.


Our Specialists are trained and ready to:​

  • Reduce knee pain 

  • Increase range of movement 

  • Reduce swelling 

Why Take Action Now?

If you’re still wondering if now is the time to get serious about taking care of your knees, what is the cost if you do nothing? 

  • Additional injuries due to compensation patterns or deteriorating balance

  • Reduced Quality of Life

  • Constantly having to deal with and think about your knees 

  • The high cost to your health of relying on prescription pain management drugs 

  • Expensive doctors office visits or WORSE, surgery or total knee replacement. 

You are investing now to save yourself the pain and cost of waiting any longer. If you are looking for a sign to take the first step towards real recovery, THIS IS IT. 

Before Knee Treatment_edited.jpg

Before - Treatment

After Knee Treatment_edited.jpg

After - Treatment

Our Promise to You!

Within Two (2) Sessions, if you have experienced noticeable & measurable changes then our Knee Pain Restoration Program will work for you.   

Our Knee Restoration Program is: safe, gentle, and effective for those who suffer from Chronic Knee Pain.

Restore lost range of motion, reduce pain, and get back to the activities you enjoy with our powerful neurological-based knee restoration program at the Athletic Room.

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