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What is Compression

We all know the age-old prescription of R.I.C.E. to treat sports injuries. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation are essential components for recovery.  Today, the Athletic Room offers an advanced approach to the traditional R.I.C.E. treatment with cutting-edge compression recovery technology.
NormaTec systems offer each of our clients a 20-minute session
specifically designed to flush out lactic acid and toxins as pulsating air
compresses and then releases, similar to the kneading feeling of a

massage. This patented pulsing sensation will reduce swelling, fluid build-
up by increasing blood flow and assisting the lymphatic system for removal of toxins from your body. Experience the natural benefits of improved circulation, relief from muscle pain and soreness, resulting in a faster recovery.

Why Compression

Rest and Recovery are no longer looked down upon by coaches, trainers, and hard-core fitness enthusiasts. Instead, elite level coaches understand that the physical adaptations to training (stronger, faster, quicker) occur during the rest and recovery stage when our body is remodeling and rebuilding. NormaTec Pulse Recovery System has been the industry leader trusted by more Professional and Collegiate Teams than any other brand.

Compression Therapy_edited.jpg
Compression Therapy_edited.jpg

Benefits of Compression

  • Noticeable Reduction in Muscle Soreness

  • Reduction in Inflammation and Muscle Tension

  • Improved Circulation and Blood Flow

  • Approved Therapy for Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Reduces the formation of Cellulite by helping rid the body of water that can build up and create irritation to the cell and connective tissue

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