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Benefits of Assisted Stretching - 5 reasons to try a Professional Stretching Session.

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A complete stretching routine is crucial to maintain our proper muscle, joint, bone, and fascial tissues health. Just as we take care of our body by eating balanced and proper hydration, an effective exercise routine accompanied along with stretching habits can help you to increase your quality of life and aid you to live longer and healthier. Here are the top 5 benefits of Assisted Stretching at the Athletic Room

Stretching is something that we know we should do, but we don’t practice often.

Just as exercising, eating balanced, and keeping proper hydration are part of a routine to preserve or enhance our quality of life, stretching should also become an important part of keeping our musculoskeletal system on point as well as helping us to achieve a good quality of life, plus achieving longevity.

Since stretching represents a multiple set of benefits that profits not only athletes but gym-oriented individuals, in this article we will talk about the benefits of stretching and how Assisted Stretching at the Athletic Room can improve your quality of life in many ways.

Let’s begin!

What is Assisted Stretching?

Very commonly, people think that stretching is only a part of an established exercising routine, or a must for athletes before practicing high-performance routines to avoid muscular or joint injuries; however, stretching with only a couple of practices can improve your quality of life at any age.

To practice stretching is not necessary to possess previous physical or sports training, and assisted stretching is even therapy for people who suffered physical injuries, surgery, or have medical conditions like joint or muscle pain & tension.

Even though stretching can improve your muscle tone and overall flexibility, to do it right; especially, if you are dealing with unresolved injuries or chronic pain due to lost range of motion. Hence the reason it important to look for Assisted Stretching to start off with the right foot.

Assisted Stretching – or as we called it Stretch & Mobility – is delivered one-on one with a certified expert that uses a wide range of techniques that involve dynamic yet passive stretches that promote relaxation and the myofascial to release.

Proper stretching is more than just idly reaching for your toes or stretching the arms before hitting the treadmill or the road. It involves a series of technical knowledge that will help you to reach the benefits which will be explained; assisted stretching with an expert will change everything and allow you to accomplish faster and more effectively the goals of better body mobility, pain relief, and others.

Why Assisted Stretching is so important?

Stretch therapy is the most effective way to treat and solve the many muscle-skeletal imbalances that can happen throughout our lives. Sprains, fractures, strains, and many other physical injuries can happen anytime, in any of our important joints or muscles or bones, but the efficacy of recovery completely from them depends in a great manner on active recovery.

Assisted Stretching can be the way to reach several parts of your body that you would not be able to reach with unassisted stretching. The key importance of Assisted Stretching is based on the accompaniment of a skilled and professional practitioner that will aid you to reach your personally targeted trouble areas, making sure you can reach the level of pain relief, muscle and joint health, and flexibility your body needs.

A professional in Assisted Stretching will be oriented to your muscle-skeletal improvement by offering you a personalized set of techniques aimed to treat directly past and mistreated injuries, joint and muscle tightness, aches, pain, or distortion of the movement as a consequence of them, among many other physical conditions that decrease your quality of life.

Through the creation of a personalized schedule of weekly sessions, the Assisted Stretching expert will address with you all the injuries and problems in order, thus getting you the opportunity to get a routine that targets your own particular needs as well as to improve constantly but in a sustainable way.

5 top benefits of Assisted Stretching at the Athletic Room

Assisted Stretching can bring you several body-boosting benefits, but we will leave you here the most important ones:

#1 Reducing stress levels effectively

Putting your body in the hands of a trained and experienced professional of Assisted Stretching will be very similar to taking a massage or going for a spa day, but better!

You will feel more relaxed, and relieved, your full body will lose the extra tension gathered everywhere and will effectively release the stress levels that can contribute to your overall muscle tightness.

With oxytocin rushing through every corner of your body, your Assisted Stretching specialist will also guide you to learn some effective breathing exercises that you will be able to practice anytime you need to unplug from everyday tension.

#2 Easing muscle tightness efficiently through time

The main goal of every stretching therapy is to efficiently improve muscle tightness, as well as any joint and tissue constriction that may affect natural movement and cause aches, pains and gait, limiting the fluid movement of the body to easily perform daily activities such as sitting for work, lifting objects, or sleeping.

With skillful, experienced, and trained professionals in the field of Assisted Stretching, you will slowly recover from muscle imbalances that probably make you engage in repetitive movements that worsen muscle tightness and limit joint and muscle range over time. The final objective of Assisted Stretching is to successfully treat any pain or discomfort provoked by mistreated muscle or skeletal injuries that alter the way we move, and thus affecting and decreasing our quality of life.

#3 Decreasing pain levels and muscle stiffness

How many times a day do you try to fix some tension from your lower back or your shoulders ineffectively?

Stress can bring tension to your whole body, but especially in a certain group of muscles involved in day-to-day activities such as working, house chores, and etcetera. With the aid of an Assisted Stretching specialist, you will be able to reach the exact spot from which comes all the pain, and you will be able to loosen your tight muscles and joints from all the stresses and strains we subject them to in a daily basis.

Another benefit of Assisted Stretching consists in treating both new injuries and former untreated ones which can cause the increase of pain levels and discomfort in muscles, joints, and myofascial tissue.

Assisted Stretching aids you to address those lesions effectively, so you can avoid a limited movement lifestyle that will bring you more health issues such as pain, a decrease in your overall performance and quality of life, and ultimately, increasing the risk of a new injury due to the repetition of movements that encourage muscle stiffness.

#4 Improves the range of motion starting with the first session

With Assisted Stretching attacking successfully all your muscle and joint tension, tightness, and stiffness which causes you to adapt your movements and postures in unnatural ways, you will be able to witness significant improvements within the first few sessions.

A skilled specialist in Assisted Stretching will put special attention in your pain hot spots, and help you to release all the tension, pain, and stiffness accumulated in weeks, months, and even years of poor posture and poor treatment of previous injuries with the use of proven and trained techniques to reprogram the signals that your muscles send to your brain.

This professional will not only help you to stretch far more than you could have been able to do on your own, but he can also teach you a few techniques to apply safely on your own to preserve the regained range of motion until the next session.

With just one session, you will feel more limber, relieved, and happier.

#5 Increase your overall quality of life

Imagine if you could move freely and enjoy better nights of sleep or better days off. All of these are possible and very reachable with the aid and support of a professional Assisted Stretching Therapist.

With old injuries and wrong postures gathered throughout the years, our whole bodies have become stiffer than when we were kids. Remember when touching your toes and being able to bend over was effortless pain-free? This can also happen if you went through surgery for an accident or as a product of a health issue that affects your joint or muscles.

If the right stretching techniques are applied to you by a skilled Assisted Stretching professional, you are going to be able to regain slowly the range of motion you had before all these lesions affected you. In consequence, the relief of tension, pain, and discomfort will make you feel happier, relaxed, and even start enjoying long-forgotten activities that you stopped practicing due to these symptoms.

The main purpose of Assisted Stretching therapy is to help people to regain the quality of life lost in the past, so they can be able to enjoy enhanced wellbeing.

Who should you look for Assisted Stretching?

Stretching therapy has so many benefits, that anyone can start including them into their daily routines!

You can use stretching to efficiently prevent any injuries due to work or exercising, but also to maintain the optimal state of your body.

As explained in the article, individuals with previous injuries, joint and muscles aches, stiffness, and pain can be greatly benefitted by Assisted Stretching; but Stretching and Mobility are indicated for all the people interested in keeping or achieving optimal wellness, releasing stress and tensions successfully and achieving new levels of quality of life.

Do you feel interested in Assisted Stretching but don't know where to start? Reach us at the Athletic Room, call 346.240.9868! One session is more than enough to develop a personalized plan for your needs that will guide you to a better version of yourself.

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