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5 Reasons You Should Stretch Every Day!

You see people pass you by and they are glowing. There’s a reason they’re glowing while you plod on feeling the demons of yesterday’s workout. While there may be temporary reasons to glow such as a promotion, the long-term glowers radiate because they incorporate daily stretching.

Whether it’s a yoga class, at-home lunging or your pre-workout stretches for athletes, finding ways to provide your body with generous TLC will allow you to reap the benefits later on. Here at the Athletic Room, our team of Accredited Stretch-Mobility Experts wanted to provide you with the key reasons you should stretch every day.

#1 You Can Improve Stress

One of the biggest reasons you should stretch every includes the relaxing benefits of providing stress relief to both your muscles and your mind. Stress is not simply a mental impact like many believe, but it also negatively impacts muscle tension, too.

Often located on the shoulders, stress refers to your muscles tightening over time and becoming ‘knotted’ due to overuse, underuse, posture and bad circulation. However, engaging in effective stretches for athletes each morning and evening will help your muscles stay relaxed and improve physique function through body maintenance.

#2 - Release Tender Muscles

Not only should you think of stretching as a precursor to exercise and daily function, it can always be used to help treat injury or reduce general aches and pains. One of the reasons you should stretch every day is because it helps to repair muscles, promote the body’s natural healing process and allows your muscles to return back to their original form.

Without factoring stretches into your daily agenda, you’ll be making yourself subject to mis-aligned and stiff muscles for a much longer period after injury. Here at the Athletes Room, we highly recommend seeing a trained professional for advice on effective stretching regimes that target problem areas.

#3 - Engage in Body Maintenance

That said, using stretching as a precursor should not be overlooked. Developing a Daily Stretching Routine is especially important if you have a sedentary job; Harvard University has proven that a strong and strict regime of stretching the back, neck, shoulders, and legs is key to offset long hours of working at desk or sitting in a car.

And, this is what the team here at the Athletic Room like to call an investment in your body. When you allocate time for stretching your limbs and muscles, you are taking proactive steps to "feeling good" while also avoiding potential downtime due to an injury.

#4 - It’s the Most Flexible and Accessible way to Look After Yourself

The most relatable reason you should stretch every day is your body is that your body is intended to move this way. After getting to know the basics and speaking to your Accredited Stretch-Mobility Experts, there’s no need to attend every yoga class in the city, waste money or abide by strict timetables.

Instead, using stretches for athletes, you can elongate and recover in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. As well as this, your stretches for athletes can be tailored to your exercise program and problem areas. For example; if you are a runner, you’ll want to focus on your lower legs, knees and upper back.

#5 - You’ll Be Aging without the Greys

Stretching for mobility and longevity is the best way to age gracefully. You’ll look and feel younger while people watch you glow. This is because stretching can help elongate muscles, improve your flexibility and ensure your mobility remains strong until the end.

Even better for allowing you to stretch and increase mobility is the use of a stretching table or decompression chair. These can alleviate pressure on the spine giving you healthy movement and a couple of inches on the top, too.

And there you have it, five simple yet convincing reasons you should stretch every day. Here at the Athletes Room we like to provide tailored treatments to all our customers whether you’re a hard-core athlete or weekly karate class goer. So, let us know your thoughts on social media and tell us how you have developed a daily stretching routine.

If you don’t have a Stretching Routine but think you can benefit from one, pop into the Athletic Room located just off of 610 on Bissonnet St, and one of our Accredited Stretch-Mobility Experts can get you started today!

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