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the Athletic Room Offers a New Revolutionary Approach to Helping People Feel and Move Better

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Chiropractic Wellness center aims to provide everyone access to the latest methods and therapies that professional athletes use to take care of their bodies.

Caring for one’s well being and taking the time to recover from strenuous activities are things that many people take for granted. Caught up in busy routines and schedules, taking care of the body can sometimes take a backseat. Over time, not giving the body the proper care it needs can take its toll, which results in more aches and pains. Professional athletes on the other hand are required to take care of their bodies which are like well-oiled machines. To be able to perform their best, they spend everyday building their strength, and take time to let their bodies recover. They use the latest equipment and approaches to ensure that their bodies are in top condition to perform. The Athletic Room offers a revolutionary approach to helping everyone from athletes to non-athletes feel and move better.

The Athletic Room is a Chiropractic Wellness Center that gives everyone access to the latest body recovery and therapy methods that were once only available to professional athletes. They are a team of experts who are dedicated to improving their clients’ daily lives with smart body maintenance therapies.

Founder Kailee Wong spent nine seasons as an NFL linebacker for the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings’ organizations, but it was his six years at a desk in corporate America that caused the most harm to his body. After retiring from his professional football career, he realized that not everyone has access to the latest methods and technologies that pro athletes use on a daily basis. Inspired by his own experiences, Wong founded the Athletic Room to help everyone get back to the activities and hobbies that they love, feeling refreshed and re-energized.

The Athletic Room starts by assessing their client’s needs and pain points to tailor a regimen that combines Chiropractic Care, Assisted Stretching & Mobility, Deep Tissue Massage, and others tools to help achieve a recovered and more energized body.

Some of their other services include HivaMat, which is a recovery tool that offers muscle relaxation and helps guide fluids and toxins out of affected areas to promote relief and healing; PEMF Therapy; Cupping; Shockwave, Decompression Therapies, and many others. They have also launched a revolutionary program that focuses on knee & back health.

Whether one needs comprehensive support in recovering sore muscles, or fixing body pain, the Athletic Room is ready to serve with their wide array of services designed to help everyone move and feel their best. For more information on the Athletic Room, visit or call us at 346.240.9868.

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