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3D Printed Tissue-Like Stem Cells for Neural Reprogramming. One of the major obstacles to clinical translation of stem cells is the limited self-renewal and differentiation potential of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Recent studies revealed that cell culture conditions can direct the differentiation of stem cells toward a desired lineage, by switching on or off specific genes. Here we describe a robust approach to differentiating cells in three dimensions (3D), while also switching their fate, using a laser-based printing technology to fabricate 3D hydrogels containing cells. While ESCs are routinely cultured as 2D layers on a plastic surface, they readily differentiate into the desired cell type when encapsulated in an extracellular matrix hydrogel. A similar approach could be applied to other cell types and research fields.Q: Angular Compiler Issue I am using Angular 9.0.0 and getting the following compilation error: The template property of input component "=" is not defined My template: I am getting the error on the '=' sign. When I remove it the code gets compiled fine. I am using angular-material 8.2.1. I have tried with chrome and IE but getting the same error. A: This is an bug of Material that is present in Angular 9 and doesn't exist in Angular 8: According to there are two possible workarounds: upgrade to the most recent Angular Material version (8.2.1) use a workaround Let's upgrade to Angular Material 8.2.1: If you already use Angular Material and you want to switch to Angular 9 you should update Angular Material to 8.2.1: npm i angular-material@8.2.1 --save npm install -g @angular/material-cli@8.2.1 --save Now in your Angular 9 app, add the following two lines to your index.html:



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