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Sore Muscles

Recover Fast for Greater Gains

Training is about Consistency, and to reach your fitness goals you need to make sure your body is ready to keep up with your workouts or competitions.  But, at times you may have pushed hard and a side-effect called delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can knock you off schedule.  DOMS can many times be avoided with a post-workout routine, proper hydration, and sleep but when that is not enough our Team of Experts can help.

We work with Active Adults, Youth Athletes, and Pro's to recover from sore muscles with customized, client-centered programs. 

Treating Sore Muscles

  • We want to understand your training regimen and identify what muscles groups are giving you the most trouble.

  • Muscle recovery treatment options include: Deep Tissue Massage, Compression, Scraping, HivaMat, Chiropractic Care, Cupping, Stretching, and Therapeutic Exercises.

  • Depending on what you have going on these "Sore Muscle" Therapies can help reduce inflammation, pain and alleviate the dreaded “fitness hangover”.

  • After your consultation or exam with us, we’ll develop a customized treatment and body maintenance plan for You.

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