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What is Scraping

Scraping is a treatment technique using tools which enables clinicians to locate and treat soft tissue tightness and injury. The scraping instruments help break up these adhesions and restore normal tissue mobility, just like any other form of soft tissue mobilization or deep tissue massage. This technique is can also be used in conjunction with soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and/or therapeutic exercise, thus correcting many musculoskeletal issues that cause pain.

Common conditions that may benefit from the Scraping Technique are tendonitis along with muscle strains & sprains.

Why Scraping

The three most commonly cited benefits of muscle scraping (and have the most evidence based research) are:

  • anti-inflammation

  • pain relief

  • improved range of motion

No matter your fitness experience or goal, muscle scraping can be a great way to boost performance and recovery while reducing the risk for injury.

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Muscle Scraping_edited.jpg

Benefits of Scraping

  • Muscle scraping promotes better blood flow and nutrient uptake, which may support faster healing

  • Muscle scraping can remove bothersome or painful muscle adhesions

  • Muscle scraping has been shown to improve range of motion (ROM), which is essential during physical therapy

  • Muscle scraping may promote faster recovery and overall progress in your chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage therapy program

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