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Shoulder Restoration

What is the Shoulder Restoration Program

If you are experiencing a reduced range of motion, frozen shoulder, or pain has kept you from activities that you love, then this is a non-surgical solution.  Our Shoulder Restoration Program is a neurological treatment system that reconnects the way the brain communicates with the body, which instantaneously decreases pain as you increase movement. 


We are so confident in our Shoulder Restore Program, that we stand behind our work.  If you don't improve more than 30 degrees (combined Range of Motion), and feel better after your 2nd visit, then you pay nothing!

How Does Shoulder Restoration Work?

Step 1:  You can’t fix a problem you don’t understand.  Our Dr of Chiropractic Care will perform an exam measuring both the length and the strength of every muscle in the shoulder.  This exam will establish a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the treatment and measure progress.


Step 2:  Once accepted as a Patient, treatment begins to smooth the fascia, reeducates nerve to nerve messaging, lengthen the short muscles that have caused your shoulder to shutdown and activate the muscles that have been turned off. 


Step 3:  Retest Range of Motion (ROM), and watch in awe as you now are able to move your shoulder in ways in which you haven’t moved in a long time.

Change in Shoulder ROM_edited (1).jpg
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