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Sports Injury

Sports Injury

If you play sports—whether you are professional, amateur, or recreational athlete—there is a chance you will deal with injuries. Sometimes injuries are minor; other times injuries are severe enough to require extensive rehabilitation. At the Athletic Room, Houston’s premier Chiropractic and Recovery Center, we want to help athletes like you get back when an Injury occurs as well as provide a path forward where you can avoid serious injuries in the future.

Keeping you in the game and allowing you to continue playing the Sport you Love, without missing a Beat.

Treating Sports Related Injuries

  • Sports-related injuries can have various causes, including accidents, poor training, poor use of protective gear, and/or poor preparation.

  • Common injuries are sprains and strains; more severe injuries are fractures and dislocations.

  • Our Doctor (DC) at the Athletic Room will examen and diagnose your injury to better understand what happened and decide the best course of treatment going forward.

  • We’ll customize a treatment & recovery plan based upon your unique needs.

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