Custom Comfort Craft Table

Why Stretch-Mobility™?

We have all heard of the importance of stretching to maintain the proper function of the body. For all of us, movements such as touching your toes, bending backwards, or squatting were at one time easy and playful. The stress of or our modern lifestyle, age, or injury, has changed our body’s original design and the ability to be flexible has been lost.

What Coaches led in PE class is an antiquated form of static stretching that has been proven to be ineffective. Here at the Athletic Room we specialize in a flexibility session that is dynamic and guided by one of our Accredited Stretch-Mobility Experts. Instead of fighting your body into painful and awkward positions, you will experience stretching through movement in a way that you cannot do on your own. When you leave the session you will feel euphoric and re-energized as your joints have been primed and muscles elongated. Lie down on our custom stretching table and connect with a body that feels more youthful with benefits that reach far beyond your 30-minute or 60-minute session.

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